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Camazotz is the planet that IT is located on. The capital city of Camazotz is CENTRAL Central Intelligence. Meg,

Charles Wallace, and Calvin traveled to Camazotz to save Charles Wallace and Meg's father. While they were there, IT took control of Charles Wallace's brain.


2018 Adaptation[]

In the 2018 adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time, Camazotz is very fluid and always changing.

Suburban Community[]

The first appearance of Camazotz (directly under IT's control) is in the Suburban Community. There is one road leading to a cul-de-sac. The houses on the road are all identical, with what appears to be a very strict, autonomous schedule. When Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin arrive, the kids appear to be bouncing a ball at the same exact time at the same exact spot at each identical house. Charles Wallace appears to be hurt by the autonomous noise of the balls bouncing off the driveway. Soon, however, the kids stop exactly at the same time once their mothers all file out at the same time saying "Darling, time for dinner!" at the same exact time. The community then folds away as Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin walk away from the cul-de-sac.


Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace at the Camazotz beach.


The beach then appears after the community folds away. The people there are less autonomous than the suburban community. There, they meet theMan with Red Eyes, who invites them to eat. The Man with Red Eyes forces IT into Charles Wallace, making him evil and corrupting his mind.

The Prison[]


The prison in which Dr. Alex Murry is trapped.

After Meg uses Mrs. Who's glasses and sees the hidden shapes in CENTRAL Central Command, she walks into a gateway. She is then pulled into a pink-and-orange colored room, where her father is being held.

The Hallway[]

After Meg saves her father, Charles Wallace (who is still possessed by IT) becomes infuriated. He collapses some of the hidden features, and yanks them away from CENTRAL Central Command into a dark hallway lined with black strips. He states that IT wanted to see her and her friends.


In the novel, the planet Camazotz behaves as a mundane world, working under the pervasive influence of IT.


Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace first arrive on Camazotz on a hill outside a town. When they go to the town, they find that it is highly regimented. They see children playing; the boys bouncing balls and the girls skipping ropes. All are doing so in exactly the same rhythm. All of the houses look exactly alike; they even appear to have exactly the same number of flowers in front of the house.