Appearance Edit

Mrs. Whatsit has long, red hair and light blue eyes.

Along with the other Mrs., Whatsit's outfits change every time she goes to a different planet.

Her earth outfit is a long, white dress which she made from Mrs. Buncombe's bed sheets. Her earth outfit also consists of a long, red braid.
Her Uriel outfit is a multicolored dress that has many shades of blue, green, and yellow. It also has a complex hairstyle and green makeup.

Her Orion outfit is the trickiest of all. It has a golden-brown shade to it, and twist-like patterns coming down side. It is finished off by her red hair in braids down the side, and the rest of her hair loose.

Lastly, her Camazotz outfit. This is, perhaps, the simplest of all. It is white, and flowing, with no sleeves. Her hair is in a wavy, shorter style.

Personality Edit

In the 2018 movie, Mrs. Whatsit clearly will not give Meg a chance. Rather, until the end, when Meg succeeds in weakening The IT, Whatsit says, "Well, I knew you could do it all along."

Also in the 2018 movie, when the Mrs. arrive on Uriel Mrs. Whatsit declares that Uriel is her favorite planet in the entire universe.

Whatsit is also obviously close with Charles Wallace Murry in the 2018 movie.

Information Edit

In the book A Wrinkle In Time, Mrs. Whatsit is described as looking very old and having layers of clothes on.